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REJECTed B-U packages (was Re: RFC declarative built-using field generation)

Matthias Klose <doko <at> debian.org> writes:

> maybe it's a coincidence, however creduce was formerly rejected for not having
> a Built-Using attribute, and gcj-4.8, gnat-4.7 and gnat-4.8 are still in NEW.

There’s another REJECT issue in the other direction:

Some buildds do not keep their chroots up to date, which leads
to builds of, for example, mksh in experimental, to be REJECTed
because they (correctly) have B-U on a version of eglibc older
than what’s currently in sid (but newer – or older – than wheezy’s)
because that’s what was installed on the buildd at the time of
building mksh-static.

This basically means that source packages that generate binary
packages that have Built-Using fields *must* have sbuild run an
apt-get dist-upgrade before the build. Currently, buildd seems
to hard-code the behaviour to run an apt-get update but neither
an apt-get upgrade nor an apt-get dist-upgrade. There is also no
way for a source package to communicate this requirement.

So please brainstorm on a fix. In the meantime, dear fellow
buildd admins, please do run apt-get dist-upgrade (following
an apt-get update if you don’t persist those) in *all* of your
buildd chroots frequently and handle those REJECTs caused by
Built-Using by give-back on the package in question (after
upgrading the chroot).


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