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Re: upstream advise page about circular dependencies (bootstrapping)

Simon McVittie <smcv <at> debian.org> writes:

> Either GLib or pkg-config should document how you can avoid this cycle

>From my BSD ports experience, pkg-config can be built against glib1,
which doesn’t need pkg-config.

That being said, glib1 needs some patching to even build with more
modern compilers than GCC 3.2 or something like that…

The OpenBSD people have written, or, wanted to write, a pkg-config
replacement. I think it wasn’t really portable (but would suffice
for bootstrapping purposes in Debian), and it didn’t really take
off, unless something changed since we (mostly Benny, my co-developer
on the MirBSD side, since I try to stay off GNOME/FLOS as much as
possible) last looked at it.


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