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Re: Debian logo svg file is not loadable in Inkscape

* Filippo Rusconi <lopippo@debian.org>, 2013-01-24, 17:13:
Investigating a bit, I found that


gives a 404 in my browser. This url is at line 18 of the file.

Same for


That's not a problem. Namespace names are only compared for equality, they are never dereferenced.

The problem is that the SVG file in question uses both DTD and namespaces, which are known not to play well together. (There might an libxml2 bug involved here too, I'm not sure.)

Anywhere, here's how to fix the SVG:

1) apt-get install libxml2-utils sgml-data
2) xmllint --noent openlogo.svg > openlogo-fixed.svg
(Yes it's "noent", not to be confused with "nonet".)
3) Optionally, remove the DTD declaration from the resulting file.

Jakub Wilk

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