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Re: Debian logo svg file is not loadable in Inkscape

On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 04:35:23PM +0100, Filippo Rusconi wrote:
> We may want to make sure that this file loads fine in Free Software
> graphics svg-based programs and maybe convert it to either a more
> generic svg file, or at least something free (Inkscape might be a good
> candidate for this).


> Any thoughts ?

How about "patches welcome"? :) This is not meant to be tongue-in-cheek,
but a very pragmatic suggestion. I'm no SVG expert either, but AFAICT
all the "source" info are indeed in that .svg file, it is "just" that
due to some minor syntactic issues (I speculate: due to the age of the
.svg in question) it doesn't work properly with current version of
popular FOSS SVG editors.

Let's "just" find SVG experts in our community and ask them to fix the
source code. Posting a call for help about this on -dekstop might
actually be a useful way forward.

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