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Re: Linux Future

Le mardi 22 janvier 2013 à 16:32 -0500, Theodore Ts'o a écrit : 
> One of the big things which is incredibly frustrating with the D-Bus
> interfaces is that they aren't documented; and if they are documented,
> it's not obvious where.

I can only agree completely. It is very frustrating for some plumbing
interfaces to have full API documentation for a library you don’t need,
and no API documentation for the D-Bus interface.

> I finally figured out the magic file that I needed to edit to so that
> PolicyKit would return "Yes, damn you, get the f*ck out of my way",
> but it was not at all well documented, nor in a place that would be
> easy to find.  And what I chose may have not been secure, but I got
> tired of figuring out what was the right way to fix the damned thing,
> and I chose the simplest way so that I would be asked for a password
> whenever I tried to add a new printer, or a new wifi network.

You might find this useful:

I made this presentation in the hope to make such things easier to
understand for the sysadmin.

 .''`.      Josselin Mouette
: :' :
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