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Re: Bootstrappable Debian - proposal of needed changes

Am 16.01.2013 13:05, schrieb Neil Williams:
> The main archive only needs to "carry" this extra information without 
> needing to act upon it. If dak needs patches to allow-and-ignore the new
> information, that can be done. Most bootstrapping changes are to turn off
> features by not build-depending on packages which can be turned off in
> debian/rules.
> I'm not sure if we are going to find this situation:
> Source: foo Build-Depends: bar <!embedded>, baz <+embedded>
> (especially where bar does not depend on baz and therefore standard Debian
> builds would not normally install it. If bar depends on baz then this isn't
> a problem and dak can ignore all the <> content without any effects.)
> We may be able to implement dak support to allow-and-ignore and then deal
> with the above corner-case later.
> Wookey, Johannes: has anything come up so far which would trigger this 
> corner case?

cross building the gcc-4.x packages requires additional build dependencies on
{gobjc++,gccgo,gfortran}-<target-gnu-type> packages.

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