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Re: uscan enhancement

Best wishes to all readers for the new year.

On Mon, Jan 07, 2013 at 11:13:16PM +0100, Andreas Tille wrote:
> From my point of view we should now discuss first what way to
> prefer: Either the 'Files-Excluded' field or 'License:
> not-shipped-by-debian' should be used and we should decide now
> before we keep on implementing it. I have a clear preference but for
> sure I'm biased and I'm waiting for other opinions.

I realize that the main assumption motivating the license ugly trick
was plainly wrong: a new header will *not* break the existing format
and parsers. Thanks for your patient and moderated answers.

On Thu, Jan 10, 2013 at 09:00:49AM +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:
> I think that it would be preferrable to refrain from adding special
> keywords to the License field, to guarantee that it contains only
> license information.
> I would therefore recommend using the Files-Excluded field.

Agreed, with regrets…

> Also, I think that keeping all the information in a single header
> field will ease your development to get popularity and support.

This would not be decisive. One single exclusion paragraph after all
license paragraphs is equivalent to a "Files-Excluded" header field.
Moreover, this position is more consistent with the overall structure:
"The last paragraph that matches a particular file applies to it.".

Before renouncing to a consistent use of the format expressivity for
documentation of upstream files licence or removal, I would like your
first reactions about modifying the format towards the direction
suggested by this pseudo-patch.

 = Paragraphs =

-There are three kinds of paragraphs.
+There are four kinds of paragraphs.
 The first paragraph in the file is called the header paragraph.
-Every other paragraph is either a Files paragraph or a stand-alone License paragraph.
+Every other paragraph is either a Files paragraph, a stand-alone License paragraph or a file removal paragraph.

+== File removal paragraph (optional, repeatable) ==
+A file removal paragraph, if any, may document why and how some
+upstream files were excluded from the Debian package.
+The following fields may be present in a file removal paragraph.
+ - Files: required.
+ - Removed-By: required.
+ - Comment: optional.
+=== Example file removal paragraph ===
+Files: *
+Copyright: 1975-2010 Ulla Upstream
+License: GPL-2+
+Files: non-free/*
+Removed-By: uscan(1)

 = Fields =

 == Files ==

-Whitespace-separated list: list of patterns indicating files covered by the license and copyright specified in this paragraph.
+Whitespace-separated list: list of patterns indicating files covered by this paragraph.

+== Removed-By ==
+Single-line: tool used to remove the file from upstream release.
+Possible values: "uscan(1)", "git-import-orig(1) --filter-pristine-tar option", "pkg-perl"…

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