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Re: [RFC] Go (golang) packaging

Hi Guillem,

Thanks for your explanations, most points make sense to me. Two
questions remain:

Guillem Jover <guillem@debian.org> writes:
>     - Private dependencies, as they leak to rdeps. When a library uses
>       another library privately this dependency gets linked in directly
>       in all other rdeps, when that library stop depending on that
>       private dependency, all rdeps need to be rebuilt.
I’m not entirely sure I get your point. Why exactly do the rdeps need to
be rebuilt? Could you maybe provide an example to clarify?

>   * We might need to keep the sources for all library instances that
>     have been linked into any other package, to comply with license
>     conditions (see the Built-Using comment on this thread too).
How is this any different from a “normal” dependency with a shared
library? Also, what license conditions do you mean specifically?

Best regards,

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