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Re: [RFC] Go (golang) packaging

Hi Paul,

> Since golang apparently doesn't support dynamic linking, every package
> built against a golang library will have to include an appropriate
> Built-Using header. You will probably also want a lintian test for
> this to autoreject anything without this header.
Thanks, I was not aware of this yet. Will have a closer look and
integrate it into my Wiki page.

> Upstream should switch to using the GNU triplet instead of linux_arm,
> which is clearly not unique enough.
I think so, too. Not sure if they think that’s doable at this point,
will ask them.

> Is it possible to:
> Support dynamic linking? That would avoid the whole rebuild-the-world
> thing that statically-linked languages have.
Only when not using the “official” compiler (gc), e.g. gccgo has support
for dynamic linking.

> Not require the full source code for libraries? C and other libraries
> only require the interface headers.
AFAIK not, but I will add this to the list of questions I want to ask on
the Go mailing lists.

Best regards,

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