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Re: Math Fonts for Iceweasel and MathJax

Frédéric WANG writes ("Math Fonts for Iceweasel and MathJax"):
> Dear Debian maintainers,
> I raised this issue about math font dependency in Iceweasel a couple of 
> time ago but I still don't see any changes at 
> http://packages.debian.org/sid/iceweasel... The issue was discussed 
> again on the LaTeXML mailing list, so I'm going to report it again.
> Basically, Iceweasel must not depend on ttf-lyx, ttf-mathematica4.1, 
> xfonts-mathml or any other font packages that would lead to the 
> installation of Computer Modern fonts or Mathematica fonts. These old 
> fonts were used a long time ago in Gecko's MathML engine but now they 
> may give weird rendering bugs if they are still installed.

I think by looking at the dependencies you are targeting the wrong
part of the problem.  Rather than trying to arrange for these
troublesome fonts not to be installed, you should probably instead
arrange for the fontconfig configuration to prefer other fonts even
when the troublesome ones are present.

Otherwise people who happen to install those troublesome fonts for
other reasons will still find that things break.


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