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Re: Ubuntu have done it again,

Svante Signell dijo [Sat, Dec 08, 2012 at 09:52:36AM +0100]:
> Most people I meet (and installing Linux) choose to install some kind of
> Ubuntu distribution. At the same time the number of people installing
> Debian is declining as discussed here lately. Something has gone
> completely wrong with the PR for Debian, suffering from the success of
> derived distributions like Ubuntu. So this little anecdote could, if
> used properly, enhance the perceived value of Debian compared to (one
> of) it's derivatives!

Ok - But do you think that Debian tries to be the *only* answer for al
needs? Being self-touted the "universal operating system" does not
mean we have to cater for every use case and become the most popular
distribution for every conceivable use. It would be self-defeating, as
becoming better for one target almost implies becoming worse for
another. But we provide a platform for huge numbers of other projects
to build upon and solve their users' needs.

Ubuntu and Mint are one solution path for a particular set of
users. Others might prefer Trisquel and gNewSense. Others will prefer
to run their national or regional distribution. Others (like myself)
will prefer "straight" Debian. And our work benefits them all.

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