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Re: Contributor agreements and copyright assignment

* Ian Jackson:

> Barry Warsaw writes ("Re: Contributor agreements and copyright assignment (was Re: Really, about udev, not init sytsems)"):
>> FTR: http://www.canonical.com/contributors
> That allows Canonical to make proprietary forks of the code (eg, to
> engage in the dual licensing business model).  This is very
> troublesome for me; it's too asymmetric a relationship.
> This is a right that the FSF assignment doesn't give the FSF and which
> the FSF wouldn't exercise even if they had it.

The FSF can release your code under permissive free software licenses,
and further development may never be released under a free software
license.  (As the editor of the GPL, they can also do this with
software for which they do not own copyright, but that's a separate

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