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Re: Really, ...


John Paul Adrian Glaubitz has written on Friday, 30 November, at  1:04:
>Absolutely true. And this is actually why I don't understand so many
>people get so emotional when it comes to software like systemd or

    Well, without any emotions. In last 2 years I've installed Ubuntu and
Debian systems 7 times. 3 times sound just haven't worked. 2 times sound
worked unstable from beginning. 1 time sound worked but I've got complain
after a month that it sometimes ceases to work so they had to reboot the
system. All those systems were fixed by deinstalling Pulse-Audio. Only on
one laptop Pulse-Audio worked (unfortunately it has been stolen shortly
so I cannot tell now if it worked stable). What I suppose to think about
Pulse-Audio? You can tell me million times I am dumb and Pulse-Audio is
the best, I will never trust you, I'm sorry but experience tells me just

    With best regards.

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