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Re: the right bug severity in case of data corruption

* Jon Dowland <jmtd@debian.org>, 2012-11-28, 17:29:
Having just viewed the raw text of my message (as sent), there's one other little wrinkle which I already knew but had failed to consider and which makes testing of this useless: gpg handles any 'From ' lines itself in a reversible manner, using '- ' as the prefix.
Definitely reversible? How does it distinguish 'From ' from '- From' prior to signing? Ad infinitum down the rabbit hole…


"Dash-escaped cleartext is the ordinary cleartext where every line starting with a dash '-' (0x2D) is prefixed by the sequence dash '-' (0x2D) and space ' ' (0x20). This prevents the parser from recognizing armor headers of the cleartext itself. An implementation MAY dash-escape any line, SHOULD dash-escape lines commencing "From" followed by a space, and MUST dash-escape any line commencing in a dash. The message digest is computed using the cleartext itself, not the dash-escaped form."

Jakub Wilk

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