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Re: [OT] XML

On 2012-11-26 20:32:17 +0100, olivier sallou wrote:
> XML is nice for internal config, message/config exchanges, etc... help with
> its structure and its DTD to force/help understanding the schema.
> BUT definitely not useable by an end user for end-user config. It is very
> hard to read (opening an XML with vi is a ass). Not everybody is using a
> Desktop with editors etc...

Emacs + nXML mode is quite fine to read XML file and it can run in
a terminal (just like vi). Simple XML files are easily readable in
general. Complex ones much less, but I doubt that a complex plain
text based config file would be readable as well.

> Plain text is readeable by non-IT people, quick to read and update.
> Manually updating XML can be a pain when modifying its structure and hard
> to repair, even with tools (not always explicit on exact error position).

No problems with Emacs. It tells you in real time whether the XML file
is valid (by default, just well-formed) or not. And when there's an
error, it can tell you where.

Something I've never seen with plain text config files.

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