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Re: release goal for jessie! (Source-only uploads

On 25/11/12 00:00, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
Thomas Goirand<zigo<at>  debian.org>  writes:

Though I'm in the favor of dropping binaries rather than source-only,

This could even help the cases of packages that need itself
to be built.

When a packager does a source+binary upload of foo (= 1.2-1),
it would be built in a clean, minimal chroot (yes, I’m adding
the minimal here, with several side-stabs…) whose sources.list
would contain unstable, and experimental for packages targetting
that, as right now, plus ANOTHER, NEW repository, which is created
by buildd “on the fly”, which contains the binaries that the
packager uploaded, but is marked to never be used automatically
just like experimental, so the binaries by the packager *CAN* be
used to build the binaries that will make it into the archive,
but *only* if the packager explicitly states it, here by doing a
B-D on foo (>= 1.2-1), or even foo (>= 1.2) would work in this case.

That one-package APT repo and its content would then be dropped
afterwards, never to be seen again, no matter whether the build
succeeded or not.

If you need binaries from a package in its build process then you use the ones
in the build tree in preference to any that might be installed.
It's just a shame that automake can't use LD_LIBRARY_PATH to prefer shared
libraries from the build tree in the same way.


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