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Re: release goal for jessie! (Re: Source-only uploads

On 11/24/2012 12:30 AM, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> I would join this camp as well. Without the working knowledge of being
> a DSA or buildd-admin, I cannot assure how much would this increase
> our workload, but it would probably just mean rebuilding for the most
> popular architectures (that is, AMD64 or i386), hardware for which is
> readily available and should pose no additional effort to get. And it
> would mean IMO a good leap forward in ensuring buildability — Even
> more with arch:all
+1 to all of the above

Though I'm in the favor of dropping binaries rather than source-only,
so that later it would be possible to do some sanity checks with
the buildd and DD version of the binary packages (it doesn't have
to be a bit-by-bit compare, but I'm sure we can find some interesting
tests to do, like checking if control files are identical, etc...).

Just a 2 cents idea, since I wont be implementing it,


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