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Re: systemd

Kevin Toppins <Kevin.Toppins@gmail.com> writes:
>> Sadly it is obvious from the rest of this message that you are not up
>> to speed on the topic here. If you want to usefully contribute to the
>> topic, at a very least you should familiarise yourself with the prior
>> threads about systemd to debian-devel. At a very, bare-minimum least.
>> It would then of course be polite to other thread participants to make
>> sure you are at least up to speed on what systemd is and how it works…
>> > I think it is categorically important to *identify* and *convey to the
>> > community*...
>> >
>> >  -> What role is systemd designed to facilitate?
>> >  -> Do we know why we want to prevent a process from forking?
>> This is something that pretty much goes without saying, if you are
>> familiar with the technology which underpins what we're talking about.
> First off, I don't have a sysvinit agenda. I know you didn't say that,
> but I keep getting the feeling that is what these responses are
> concluding, and therefore dismissing what I am saying.
> I use gentoo with openrc. So I would like for you to consider my
> reasons are something different than -> I am just trying to shoot down
> anything that is not sysvinit.
> I read through some of the systemd man page and a little of the
> original design document. I think I have a rough idea of what systemd
> thinks it is. But I am not able to form a sound foundation from the
> ideas systemd describes.
> It is very dangerous to go ahead with systemd if that first question
> cannot be given an answer.

<insert long disclaimer about just wanting to help, not wanting
 to be aggressive etc. here>
No, you are wrong. Your rough idea of systemd is not enough for a useful
discussion of systemd or init systems in general. Most of the questions
that you are asking do not make sense. I probably don't have enough
knowledge for a useful discussion either, but I know enough to be able
to tell that you don't. I admire Jon's patience with you in trying to
address most of your last email, but I don't think this is going to get
anywhere without you first doing a lot of additional self-study.



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