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Fwd: procenv_0.9-1_source.changes REJECTED

"Source-only uploads are not allowed."
Why not? May I request a binNMU for the architecture (amd64) I upload?

I currently do not have facilities to build the package in question
with the host running Debian's kernel.
For the package in question it is important to build in the same
environment as the rest of the packages in the distribution.
The sole purpose of the package is to gather as much detail about the
environment as possible, which has been proven to be highly valuable
for security analysis and fixing highly strict test-suites.



---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Debian FTP Masters <ftpmaster@ftp-master.debian.org>
Date: 20 November 2012 11:02
Subject: procenv_0.9-1_source.changes REJECTED
To: James Hunt <james.hunt@ubuntu.com>, xnox@debian.org

Source-only uploads are not allowed.


Please feel free to respond to this email if you don't understand why
your files were rejected, or if you upload new files which address our

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