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Re: RFC on MBF (non-freeness of "The Software shall be used for Good, not Evil")

On Thu, Nov 08, 2012 at 04:25:51PM +0100, Leo 'costela' Antunes wrote:
> Hi,
> Ansgar has recently made an MBF against all packages including the
> problematic JSON license term "The Software shall be used for Good, not
> Evil". From what I've seen, most - if not all - of the affected packages
> are using in-source libraries copyright JSON.org, which AFAIK means
> convincing a single author to relicense would be enough (though IANAL,
> of course).

Assuming (of course), that this is upstream's decision. This stems from
a well respected JS hacker, Douglas Crockford. He is pretty serious
about this clause, and mocks anyone who wished to have it removed.

As a result, any code forked from his is subject to these (insane)
terms. It's kept a linter out of Debian that I care about, and I'm not
happy with this fellow.

He gave an IBM to "allow them or any of their clients to do evil with
the software" (Not a direct quote, can't be bothered to google for it),
which is a laugh.

I think there's a jshint-next or something that can replace a lot of
Crockford's nonfree code that is written from scratch under Expat.
Unsure on their release timeline.

> Thomas Koch tried solving this issue more than two years ago[0] and
> upstream was apparently unwilling. Should we maybe try again? As Ansgar
> mentioned in one bugreport, the license is considered non-free not only
> by us, but by Fedora as well[1] (and it's also notOSI-recognized), so
> I'm hoping we might have some leverageif we try again with enough
> finesse and persuasion.
> This affects a lot of packages and at least in my case (transmission)
> itseems impracticable to replace the library for wheezy and it's
> unfortunately too deeply wound with transmission itself to be simply
> removed. So I'll probably be forced to move the package to non-free,
> which would really be a shame (specially considering its big popcon).
> Anyone interested in giving this another try? DPL, you're pretty
> eloquent and your voice may carry some extra weight? ;)
> Cheers
> [0] http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2010/03/msg00064.html
> [1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Licensing:Main#Bad_Licenses


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