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Re: Discarding uploaded binary packages

On 26.10.2012 01:13, Peter Miller wrote:
It may be possible to address both concerns in a different way.

1. Implement PPAs. The code is open source, get it working first, and
enhance it later.

2. DDs and DMs upload source-only to their individual PPA(s). The PPA
build farm builds the package on all the architectures Debian cares

3. When a DD or DM wants to place a package to testing or experimental, it is done as a *copy* from a PPA (no upload required). If the package
in the PPA didn't build, no copy happens.

s/testing/unstable/, presumably? "It builds everywhere" is only one criterion involved in testing migration; for all of the others, migration to testing from anywhere other than unstable doesn't really make sense.



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