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Re: Discarding uploaded binary packages

Arno Töll <arno <at> debian.org> writes:

> Pretending we had a working concept to throw away binaries and how to
> deal with arch:all packages, why don't we introduce a control/changes
> file flag similar in spirit to "XS-Autobuild: yes" instructing dak not
> to throw away binaries upon explicit request - say "XS-keep-binary: yes".

For packages that can be built with an older version of itself,
like fpc and, normally, gcc, that may not even be needed. For
the harder cases… why not something that says “please keep the
binary from my upload, install it on one buildd and immediately
schedule a(n automatic) binNMU for that package”, so we’ll have
to never keep DD-built binaries?

(As for gcc… I think if a gcc-x.y upload cannot be built by the
gcc-x.y already in the archive or gcc-x.$((y-1)), someone is doing
something wrong… but even there, an upload specifying, using a new
field in the .changes file, that the binaries should be used to
immediately schedule a binNMU on the source package using them
sounds like a reasonable solution to me.)

While porter uploads are a useful tool, if we really want to go
through with the binary package sanitising, they should *not* be
allowed for the main archive, only for debian-ports. (I’ve seen
enough broken uploads there to agree with the rule that only
packages built on/by buildds should ever enter the archive proper.)

While there… what about source packages that build arch:all
packages that need to be composed from several build arches?
(Thinking of the old pcc-libs case… but since M-A I’ll probably
convert them to one co-installable arch:any binary, so it won’t
be an issue for me any more.)


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