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Re: possible mass bug filing for packages shipping stuff in /var/run, /var/lock, /run?

On 10/09/2012 02:15 AM, Michael Gilbert wrote:
The thing is that it really does no harm if a package actually does this; although it is pretty pointless since those files will be gone after reboot. So, even though policy says "must not", it's not really a problem in practice, so important is probably a more appropriate severity at this point in the release process. Best wishes, Mike

I don't agree.

Imagine for a minute that we have 2 implementation of the same service.
Lets say, for this example, MariaDB and MySQL (this is *not* a real world
example, since last time I checked, we don't have MariaDB in Debian but
it well could be a real problem). Both MySQL and MariaDB would use and
implement /var/run/mysql/mysql.sock. If both were installable at the same
time, then shipping /var/run/mysql would create a useless conflict, while
they could really live together (of course, not started at the same time,
but living on the same filesystem, giving the user the option to switch from
one to another as wished).

So it *is* a very practical problem. I know at least that multiple packages
are using /var/run/ircd for example.

On 10/09/2012 04:02 AM, Michael Biebl wrote:
I actually find it pretty handy if I can use dpkg -S to find out which
package a particular directory belongs to.
So shipping the directory in the package does have some value (at least
for me).
Well, the problem *IS* that dpkg knows about the folder when it should
absolutely not.



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