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Re: CD1 without a network mirror isn't sufficient to install a full desktop environment

2012/9/18 Jon Dowland wrote:

>> There's no need to walk through the minefield, it's already done.
>> Fedora lost more than half of the user base with the Fedora 15
>> release (GNOME3 and systemd).
> [citation-needed]

Good point.

Initially it was a personal feeling. Many fedora users I know have
switched to CentOS/ScientificLinux/Ubuntu/Mint/etc after Fedora15
release. A few others just use old Fedora14 manually updating it when
needed. Among those still using Fedora15+ most GNOME users switched
to XFCE/LXDE. But those "users I know" are still not too much to talk
about all users. So I did some research.

Fedora provides a nice stats page:
The best part of it is IP stats per release. After some manual digging
through the history of that page I was able to build a chart (attached)
comparing some sort of popularity among releases.

I understand that it's not perfect. But I don't know any better.
For a good chart I need raw stats data which Fedora doesn't provide (yet?)

Fedora lost about 40% in popularity comparing just F14 and F15.
But acceptance of F15 release was ~3 times worse than F14.
~80% of users stayed on F14, after F15 release.
On the other hand only ~30% were loyal to F15.
The other 70% dropped F15 as soon as F16 was out.

Now, 2 years after release, F14 is still on top by the number of IPs,
after F8. Looks like the case of F8 vs F9 is going to repeat again
(F9 was a KDE4+upstart release, F15 was GNOME3+systemd).

PS: I wish Debian had a similar stats page.
It's now possible with http.debian.org.


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