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Re: Re: assumptions about the build environment.

On Sun, Oct 07, 2012 at 11:54:40AM +0200, Eric Valette wrote:
> I'm currently trying to compile armhf package for the rasberry pi on
> a amd64 machine and naively though it would be easy to do with
> multiarch. I screwed my machines(replaced the dynamic linkers, ftp
> and other tools by arm binaries although I followed the scarce
> available documentation).
> Natively compiling package as big as XBMC on the PI is a nightmare
> and current tools fails really short because you:
> 	1) need a root filesystem for the machines. You can use debootstrap
> but will need many additionnal packages that are yet not build,
>         2) cannot install produced .deb in the root filesystem exept
> by running them on qemu which is..
> Any hint?

schroot will let you run a non-native chroot with qemu, and you can
use this with sbuild for package building.  sbuild now also has
initial support or multiarch cross building.


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