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Re: Packages removing alternatives on upgrade

>>>>> Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> writes:


 > It's an improvement.  Guillem makes a good argument that you should
 > drop deconfigure as well, which means that:

 > if [ "$1" = "remove" ] ; then
 >     update-alternatives --remove <foo> <path-to-foo>
 > fi

 > is probably the best thing to use right now.


 > (Note that while common, I've never been fond of that case statement
 > construction, since it means that we can't introduce new maintainer
 > script actions without modifying lots of maintainer scripts that may
 > not need to be modified otherwise.)

	?  How is the ‘if’ statement above different to, say:

case "$1" in
        update-alternatives --remove <foo> <path-to-foo>

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