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Re: Comments+blank line in debian/control: Clarification in policy or MBF?

> Le lundi 01 octobre 2012 à 14:43 +0100, Ian Jackson a écrit : 
> > This wouldn't help people doing backports or whatever.  I think this
> > should be fixed in the packages involved.
> Changing gnome-pkg-tools to replace the blank line with an empty comment
> is trivial. In unstable.
> How does that help with backports?

If gnome-pkg-tools were backported, any further backport build-depending on
gnome-pkg-tools would get fixed.

I think it is fair to say that this is a policy violation, but it clearly isn't
a *serious* policy violation, given its limited practical effect. I would ask
GNOME maintainers to get this fixed and uploaded, ideally also into t-p-u.

I'm going to file bugs against those packages not build-depending on
gnome-pkg-tools, but still containing comment+blank line at the start of

For all those packages build-depending on gnome-pkg-tools, I could then liaise
with the GNOME team to determine the best way forward.


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