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Re: Comments+blank line in debian/control: Clarification in policy or MBF?

* Michael Tautschnig <mt@debian.org>, 2012-10-01, 14:25:
By policy, blank lines separate paragraphs, comments are discarded, so we end up with an empty first paragraph. Policy, however, requires that the *first* paragraph contains essential package information (Policy 5.2).

I'm not convinced by this interpretation the Policy. Common sense tells me that there's no such thing as "empty paragraph". So the question is: are empty liens allowed at the beginning of a control file? I don't see an answer to that question in the Policy, unfortunately.

- it seems only pbuilder is really strict in its interpretation of policy here, but effectively that means that all our other build infrastructure doing parsing of debian/control is *not* policy-compliant

Couldn't pbuilder parse .dsc instead of debian/control? .dsc is guaranteed not to contain comments.

Taking a pragmatic position, it would be best to have policy acknowledge the fact that empty paragraphs don't count, and get the parser in pbuilder fixed.


Jakub Wilk

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