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Re: Debian Policy released

Quoting Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org):
> I've just uploaded Debian Policy, which includes the Technical
> Committee decision to make build-arch and build-indep mandatory targets
> (but not for wheezy; see below), a substantial rewrite of the section on
> shared library handling, and other changes to bring Policy closer to the
> current state of the archive.

Thanks again and again for the great work maintaining the policy (and
lintian as well).

Given the quite important change of making build-{arch,indep} targets
mandatory, wouldn't have been better to use something like 3.10.1 or
anything clearly saying "hey, there are not only minor changes here"?

(not sure wheter 3.10.1 > 3.9.4 but you probably get the point)

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