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Creating and use Virtual IP Interfaces

Hi all,


I am not really sure this is the correct newsletter  for  my question, if not please apologize me and suggest me a right newsletter, thanks.


My goal is to simulate more than one IP interface using just a physical interface, for do that I tried using this alias


Ifconfing ethX:1 <IP>


But when I try to send a packet over that interface I see the IP source the same as the original, and real,  Ethernet interface. Then I tried to use TAP interface but I was unable to “link” them with my physical one, I notice them can communicate each others but can not ping (ping –I tap0  <ip real IF>) the original one.

It is still valid if I create a bridge with all them.


I would like avoid to install many Virtual Box as I need but what I want is exactly what it do: build a new virtual interface and bridge it with a real one in order to have more IP interface attached at one physical.


Any suggestion ?


Thanks in advance,



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