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Re: [CTTE #681834] network-manager as Recommends or Depends

Fabian Greffrath writes ("Re: [CTTE #681834] network-manager as Recommends or Depends"):
> Am 17.09.2012 18:54, schrieb Don Armstrong:
> > 7. The Technical Committee overrules the decision of the gnome-core
> >     metapackage maintainers.  The dependency from gnome-core to
> >     network-manager-gnome should be downgraded to Recommends.
> Maybe the attached patch should also get applied against meta-gnome3 
> to make sure already installed versions of n-m-g get upgraded.

I'm not sure I follow why this is necessary.  Someone who is upgrading
is unlikely to accidentally leave n-m-g behind.  But I don't think I
have an objection if this is what the gnome-core maintainers want to

Your patch is against something in svn ?  Does that mean that the
downgrade to Recommends has been committed ?  Will it be uploaded
soon ?


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