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Re: mass bug filing about packages manipulating/deleting shipped files

On 09/17/2012 01:57 PM, Philipp Kern wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 01:24:51PM +0200, Bernd Zeimetz wrote:
>> Oh well yes, bad example. We still have a lot of packages which modify
>> /etc/default/* with debconf. Portmap, sysstat, ... - and they are
>> supposed to be conffiles - [...]
> Why are they supposed to be conffiles? It's fine for them to be not.
> (Which is true, e.g., for portmap.)

To cite http://release.debian.org/wheezy/rc_policy.txt:

Packages' /etc/default scripts must be treated as configuration files.

> Kind regards
> Philipp Kern

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