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Re: packages, uses dbconfig-common and mysql/postgresql installation order.

On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 02:43:23PM +0400, Alexander Golovko wrote:
> Hi!
> bacula-director-pgsql package has a bug #605449 - package can be setup
> after postgresql installation and dbconfig-common fail to configure
> database.
> I try to see, how this problem solved in other packages and can't find
> answer. For example, roundcube-mysql, cacti, drupal6 not affected this
> bug, but roundcube-pgsql, bacula-director-pgsql, bacula-director-mysql,
> jffnms - affected.
> This is can be simply checked by one of next commands:
>   apt-get install -s bacula-director-pgsql postgresql
>   apt-get install -s bacula-director-mysql mysql-server
> This is related to apt-get  package installation order algorithm and i
> don't know how to force mysql and potgresql configuration before
> package configuration.
> How can be this problem solved?

You should make sure the database configuration is done in
bacula-director's postinst. That will ensure the director is not
configured until all its dependencies have been.

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