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Re: Dyson project (Debian on illumos kernel)

> Do you have any concrete plan to make
> a Debian port out of your project, aiming
> full integration into Debian?

Full integration into Debian is a big challenge,
it could be #3 among these large steps:

1. Make self-hosted distribution with illumos kernel and libc
2. Port glibc
3. Full integration into Debian

> More generally speaking: Did you develop
> your port by having freeness of
> (source) packages in mind?

Yes, freeness is #1 in my mind.

> So you use the Solaris libc? Did you test that for
> interoperability with Debian's (e)glibc? Note, kFreeBSD is
> also using a (patched) version of (e)glibc, not FreeBSD's
> libc. I read below, you would like to use (e)glibc as well,
> what are major issues there?

Well, issues are:
- Manpower.
- I do not know illumos kernel deep enough

I've picked patches from http://csclub.uwaterloo.ca/~dtbartle/opensolaris/
and applied them onto modern glibc: https://github.com/ip1981/kopensolaris-glibc
After step #1 it will be much easier. I already can understand
almost everything written in

> While this is an implementation detail being up to you, I suggest to
> look at kfreebsd core packages. These had a similar problem (GNU make
> vs. BSD make), and it was solved in a pretty lazy way. YMMV.

There is open-source SunOS make - https://github.com/ip1981/sunmake.
It has two issues:
1. Cannot run several jobs (-j N)
2. Segfaults at illumos libsocket :-)

illumos used to be build with "dmake" from Solaris Studio. (It is not
the same as for OpenOffice)
This is absolutely not an option.

So I decided to patch GNU make.

> Did you make proper source packages out of that?
This what I'm currently working on. Technically, it *is* solved now.
That why I dare to announce Dyson :-)

> Do you
> have some statistics how much of Debian main builds on
> your system for the time being?

If I understand you correctly:

find -name \*.deb | wc -l

You can browse at http://apt.osdyson.org

Now I have full Perl, Python, Ruby stacks, GCC toolchain,
git, hg, bzr, subversion, git-buildpackage, etc.
Almost everything for development, but Emacs :-P

There is no problem to grab recent version from Debian and to rebuild.
Most perl modules just copied as is.

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