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Re: Dyson project (Debian on illumos kernel)


On 13.09.2012 20:48, Игорь Пашев wrote:
> I think it's time to announce, that I've been working on a new Debian
> port from the last fall.
> This is Debian on illumos kernel (formerly OpenSolaris) - http://osdyson.org

I like that idea (but I'm also involved in other "toy ports"). Do you
have any concrete plan to make a Debian port out of your project, aiming
full integration into Debian?

> It really aims to be *general-purpose* OS, not a server, a destop or
> an appliance.

... which usually raises questions about the driver usability. In
particular I wonder, if you looked at the kernel with respect to the
Debian's Free Software Guidelines, i.e. did you strip off non-free
drivers and blobs from the pristine kernel?

More generally speaking: Did you develop your port by having freeness of
(source) packages in mind?

> Dyson is a Debian derivative constructed from scratch. I'm doing
> carefull packaging
> of illumos bits (all nifty things like libc1, libc1-dev, libc-bin, etc
> are present ;-).

So you use the Solaris libc? Did you test that for interoperability with
Debian's (e)glibc? Note, kFreeBSD is also using a (patched) version of
(e)glibc, not FreeBSD's libc. I read below, you would like to use
(e)glibc as well, what are major issues there?

> only things which is unique for illumos: ZFS, DTrace, Fault Managment,
> devfsadm, RBAC, SMF, etc.

Did you make proper source packages out of that? Do you have some
statistics how much of Debian main builds on your system for the time

> Currently i'm working on packaging illumos from source [2]
> I've patched GNU make to support illumos makefiles [3] as well as GNU
> ld from binutils
> to support LD_ALTEXEC [4] since illumos linker is required to build
> illumos sources
> and GNU toolchain is the default on Dyson (GCC 4.7, binutils 2.22+)
> I've written debhelper addons to ease building illumos [5]

While this is an implementation detail being up to you, I suggest to
look at kfreebsd core packages. These had a similar problem (GNU make
vs. BSD make), and it was solved in a pretty lazy way. YMMV.

> Just one example:
> illumos kernel (yes. kernel, not userspace) has own kerberos implementation
> and ships /usr/include/gssapi/gssapi.h. This prevents from installing
> other kerberos
> libraries. I've moved illumos gssapi.h inot /usr/include/sys/.

Historically, Linux did similar things. For example we had a kernel NFS
server and user space NFS servers for a long time. That said, Kerberos
is another level of insanity, without doubt.

with kind regards,
Arno Töll
IRC: daemonkeeper on Freenode/OFTC
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