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Re: Handling /etc/modprobe.d and module load order

Ben Hutchings <ben <at> decadent.org.uk> writes:


> >  1. I am currently using dh_installmodules to install package.modprobe.
> >     However, I noticed that the automated debhelper commands in
> >     postins/postrm don't run update-initramfs. Is updating initramfs not
> >     necessary?
> That depends on what are you trying to do.

Trying to load usbhid and passing a quirks parameter so that it ignores
a specific device. Then, I have my own kernel module to control that

> >  2. I also need to specify module load order so I am bundling
> >     /etc/modules. However, there doesn't seem to be a debhelper script
> >     to handle /etc/modules.
> Don't ever touch /etc/modules, that's for the user/administrator.  You
> can load modules from an init script if there is really no better way.

OK. So I blacklist the modules in package.modprobe. And then load them
in the order I want in package.init by just calling modprobe?

> > I searched the list archives and found conflicting arguments regarding
> > the use of update-initramfs after updating /etc/modules or
> > /etc/modprobe.d/.
> /etc/modules is used by the init scripts, not the initramfs.
> /etc/modprobe.d *does* get copied to the initramfs and I think you're
> right that update-initramfs should generally be called after it's
> updated.  Perhaps initramfs-tools should have a file trigger for it,
> though.

I ran some tests, and we definitely do need to update initramfs after
any changes under /etc/modprobe.d.

Thanks for reply.

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