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Re: CD1 without a network mirror isn't sufficient to install a full desktop environment

Le mardi 11 septembre 2012 à 10:32 -0400, Lennart Sorensen a écrit : 
> Well as a user, gnome-panel 3.x is NOT a continuation of gnome.

It is the same codebase, and has the same functionality.

> When gnome 3 hit unstable, I switched to something else.  I couldn't
> find anything, or make it do any of the basic things I expect my window
> manager to do, so it is gone.  Useless piece of shit.

Please give one serious example. The two features that I know to be gone
in the panel are the ability to change the color easily (ha, ha) and
absolute positioning for applets (which was useless and buggy anyway).

Unless you talk about gnome-shell which is an entirely different piece
of software.

 .''`.      Josselin Mouette
: :' :
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