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Re: Gnome classic mode

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On 11/09/2012 08:07, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org> (11/09/2012):
>> Just because these people are noisy doesn’t make them numerous.
>> Furthermore, Debian (and Ubuntu too IIRC) makes “GNOME classic”
>> available right from the login manager, with the default installation.
>> Not considering gnome-panel 3.x a continuation of the existing
>> environment is purely bad faith.
> Speaking of which, Ubuntu (according to Jeremy) disabled the “booh, bad
> luck, gnome classic mode” warning at first login. Do we want to do the
> same? As I said on IRC, I'm probably biased since I do quite a lot of
> testing. But you guys will probably decide what's best.

I've been doing some LTSP testing on Wheezy and it's incredibly annoying
when every user has to get a warning that they're desktop is broken when
using fallback on a thin client is actually a completely reasonable and
normal thing to do.

Sure, the local administrator could disable it, but it's nice having
sane defaults.

- -Jonathan
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