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Re: CD1 without a network mirror isn't sufficient to install a full desktop environment

On Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 01:06:22PM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> I have encountered numerous people who have been complained (not in
> particular to me, just i general) about changes to GNOME.  Not being a
> GNOME user myself I don't really appreciate these complaints.
> However, I have observed that these complainants have generally been
> told by their peers to switch to xfce and been broadly satisfied with
> the results.
> I haven't seen anyone in my social circles praise these changes as
> good for them.
> Based on this, I think there is at the very least no reason to
> reverse the decision to switch the Debian default to xfce.

There is not a single Debian release with the version that is being complained
about. Therefore the audience of stable have not yet tried it, and you're
drawing conclusions from the anecdotes of a sample of users who may not be
representative of our (stable) users.

I feel that the decision to change from GNOME to something else, on the
basis of complaints about GNOME 3, should only be considered after we've
actually released with at least one version of GNOME 3.

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