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Re: can we (fully) fix/integrate NetworkManager (preferred) or release-goal its decommissioning

Le jeudi 30 août 2012 à 22:19 +0200, Wouter Verhelst a écrit : 
> On Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 10:44:11AM +0200, Andrew Shadura wrote:
> > How do you suppose it's possible to undo arbitrary network
> > configuration done by arbitrary set of tools when there's no central
> > place to hold such information (and can't possibly be)?
> Actually, the kernel holds that information. Any tool can just query the
> kernel for information, and decide what to do with what's returned.

Yes it does, but does it hold it in a meaningful, structured way? In
complex setups, for example, there might be no certain way to say which
interface is related to which route. Or to tell which low-level
interface another interface depends on (think tunnels managed by
userland tools).

Actually if there was at least a *standard*, low-level (or in-kernel)
tool to return structured information about the current network
configuration, maybe high-level network tools (such as ifupdown and NM)
could be redesigned in a completely different, much more compatible,

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