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O: ted -- lightweight .DOC editor

Subject: ITP: ted -- lightweight .DOC editor
Package: wnpp
Version: 2.22; reported 2012-01-04
Severity: wishlist

* Package name : ted
Version : 2.22
Upstream Author : Mark de Does <mark@mdedoes.xs4all.nl>
* URL : http://nllgg.nl/Ted/
* License : GPL
Description : lightweight .DOC editor

This was included in previous versions of Debian, but removed, *I believe*, for the reason that it was thought to be unmaintained... The current version has now switched to using GTK+ and was released five months ago. ( previous version is over seven years )

The only "valid" .DOC editors in Debian are LibreOffice and AbiWord, which are both somewhat bloated (especially LibreOffice, as it's in Java) ... I believe Ted is a nice lightweight alternative.

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