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Re: uscan enhancement take 3: script hook

On 29/08/12 07:55, Andreas Tille wrote:
> When trying to get rid of some get-orig-source
> scripts I noticed that besided some file removals I need to execute
> some extra code.  This is basically fetching some extra files like
> sources for documentation, uncompressed JS files etc from external
> sources (http, VCS).

Shouldn't this be put in the debian directory or in a dpkg-source v3
secondary tarball? Putting them in the repacked tarball seems a bit
inconsistent: if you weren't repacking for DFSG reasons already, surely
you wouldn't repack just to add the missing bits, you'd incorporate them
via the debian directory or an extra tarball instead?

(Indeed, one of my packages used to add its top-level Makefile as the
first patch in the quilt series, because upstream distributed it in svn
but forgot to put it in the released tarball...)

> IMHO this could be done quite simple if we would enable uscan to call a
> script say debian/uscan.hook (feel free to propose a better name).

This is a security flaw if you want uscan to be safe to use on untrusted
source (e.g. in DEHS). It seems that uscan tries to make its use of
regexes, at least, not imply arbitrary code execution.

You could make it safe like this: If uscan.hook exists, uscan warns and
exits with a nonzero code distinct from normal failures[1], unless it
was run with the --trust-maintainer option (or something) which means it
runs uscan.hook as designed.


[1] so that, e.g., DEHS can catch that error code and report it as
"looks mostly OK, but I can't test it fully because there's a uscan.hook".

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