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uscan enhancement take 3: script hook


as you might have noticed I implemented some way to teach uscan
excluding certain files from upstream tarball to make it dfsg compatible
(see bug #685787).  When trying to get rid of some get-orig-source
scripts I noticed that besided some file removals I need to execute some
extra code.  This is basically fetching some extra files like sources
for documentation, uncompressed JS files etc from external sources
(http, VCS).

IMHO this could be done quite simple if we would enable uscan to call a
script say debian/uscan.hook (feel free to propose a better name).

The rules for applying the hook would be very similar to the
Files-Excluded behaviour (and would also involve the compression
suggestion I had given in my previous mail).  In short:  If such hook is
found a repackaging of an upstream tarball is done and uscan tries hard
to create a "reasonable" tarball with features of potential undirtying
and naming conventions as given in DevRef §

BTW, I'd be happy if more people would test the file removal feature
using Files-Excluded with the new uscan which is available in Git[1].

Kind regards


[1] http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=users/tille/devscripts.git;a=blob;f=scripts/uscan.pl;hb=HEAD


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