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Re: Enabling uscan to simply remove files from upstream source

On Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 10:59:10AM +0200, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> > Anyway, I thought I wanted a separate file, but then I remembered that 
> > uscan already uses 'debian/watch' for configuration.  The syntax of a 
> > watch file is pretty awkward, being based on (logical) lines rather 
> > than stanzas, and using "opts=foo=1,bar=2" instead of something like 
> > "foo=1 bar=2", but it does seem like the right place to put additional 
> > uscan configuration.  And the watch file format can presumably be 
> > fixed, as it is explicitly versioned.
> Sounds sensible.

Uhmm, that's the first case in my memory that you drifted away from one
of your reasonable proposals. ;-)
> How about, in addition to looking for excludes in DEP-5 copyright files, 
> have uscan also support an exclude option, so that e.g. 
> compass-susy-plugin could alternatively have this debian/watch file:
> version=4
> opts=dversionmangle=s/\~dfsg.*// \
> exclude="docs/source/fonts/* \ 
> docs/source/javascripts/jquery-1.7.1.min.js \ 
> docs/source/javascripts/modernizr-2.5.3.min.js" \
> https://github.com/ericam/susy/tags .*/tarball/v?(\d[\d\.]+)

While I suggested in my initial proposal a separate file (not actually
debian/watch but this solution seems to be comparable to a separate
file) I think we are lacking the feature of documentation what was
removed and what not and from my (and Jonas' previous point of view
debian/copyright is a very good place to do this).
> > Hence if you're going to automate repacking, I just wanted to suggest 
> > generating a README file to put into the repacked tarball.  And as I 
> > said, I haven't heard of anyone else doing this, so perhaps I'm the 
> > only one who thinks it makes sense.
> Sorry, I missed the detail of it being in the tarball.  I find adequate 
> the common practice of renaming the tarball (and then documenting the 
> why it was done externally from the tarball), so let's just agree to 
> disagree on this one :-)

In my practice (several years ago) I used the *.orig.tar.gz files from a
Debian mirror to build my own system inside $HOME on a HP-UX machine.
The advantage of using the Debian mirror was that you find everything
you need in one place.  For this purpose it would have been helpful to
have a short notice what was changed right inside the changed tarball.
I admit that is a rare use case these days - but it might be nice anyway.

Kind regards



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