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Re: Minified javascript files

 ❦ 23 août 2012 01:01 CEST, Pau Garcia i Quiles <pgquiles@elpauer.org> :

>> I think the debate in this thread is about whether it makes sense to
>> require removing the minimized version from the upstream source when we
>> don't install that file or otherwise use it in the binary package (because
>> the binary package depends on the separately-packaged version of the same
>> Javascript library, which already has both the minimized and non-minimized
>> version and fully satisfies the DFSG).
> That's exactly the point
> IMHO, it's just one more useless file in upstream's tarball.
> While working today on Wt again, I've noticed if I were to repackage
> the upstream tarball to remove jquery.min.js, I would also remove the
> Doxygen-generated HTML apidox. After all, I'm also regenerating them,
> therefore to me it's just a few thousands of useless files in
> upstream's tarball. But what's FTP masters stance on this?

You don't need to reove the doxygen documentation since the source is
also present in the tarball.
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