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Re: can we (fully) release-goal decommissioning of trolls

On Tue, 2012-08-21 at 00:47 +0200, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> Thanks for this excellent example of the behavior I described.  With
> “down to Windows level” you must think you have hit the trigger of the
> ultimate bazooka to shut people up, don’t you?
Well Josselin,... I'm not generally against new technologies (like
PolicyKit, CK, and all the "uoptia" stuff).... but I guess no one can
deny the following:

- Some of these get deprecated in a yearly fashion (HAL, DeviceKit, and
not apparently ConsoleKit)... which is IMHO quite bad for developers
using this stuff.

- Some of them have quite some severe bugs; I remember one where (was it
DeviceKit or udisks?) the dm-crypt keys of encrypted volumes were
exported to the user...
(Of course, other software has bugs, too.)

- Most of them are difficult to understand. Take PolicyKit. I'm sure you
can do a lot with it, but also, that most People just don't know how.
Partially that is definitely a documentation problem, partially of
course also, that users tend to refuse to learn new things.

And with respect to what Stefan wrote:
- I think that many of these new technologies have at least a default
config that is written from a desktop computers point of view.
Which often means that settings are in a way, that people with strong
security in mind won't like it.
Even if, by default, it just allows you to connect to any network.

Similar (security) problems are (possibly) brought by techniques like

I guess that what people in these kind of discussion mean sometimes when
comparing the stuff to Windows/Apple.


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