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Re: can we (fully) fix/integrate NetworkManager (preferred) or release-goal its decommissioning

On Sun, Aug 19, 2012 at 07:59:00PM -0400, Chris Knadle wrote:
Related note: I likewise repeatedly have confusion over how to deal with
testing Network Status from within shell scripts for doing operations that
require network access.  As a "for instance" a common suggestion for keeping
GPG keys up to date is to set a 'gpg --referesh-keys' operation as a cron job,
which doesn't make sense to do if the device the script is run on is offline,

And how do you want to do this check? Even if ethtool says, the interface is up, this doesn’t mean, your DSL router has a WAN connection running. And if it has, it doesn’t mean you can reach the keyserver.

So you can use something like „fping -q <keyserver>”, if the keyserver is pingeable. Any other check is not really usefull.


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