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Re: can we (fully) fix/integrate NetworkManager (preferred) or release-goal its decommissioning

On Monday, August 20, 2012 03:29:05, Stephan Seitz wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 19, 2012 at 07:59:00PM -0400, Chris Knadle wrote:
> >Related note: I likewise repeatedly have confusion over how to deal with
> >testing Network Status from within shell scripts for doing operations that
> >require network access.  As a "for instance" a common suggestion for
> >keeping GPG keys up to date is to set a 'gpg --referesh-keys' operation
> >as a cron job, which doesn't make sense to do if the device the script is
> >run on is offline,
> And how do you want to do this check? Even if ethtool says, the interface
> is up, this doesn’t mean, your DSL router has a WAN connection running.
> And if it has, it doesn’t mean you can reach the keyserver.
> So you can use something like „fping -q <keyserver>”, if the keyserver is
> pingeable. Any other check is not really usefull.

Basically you've got the idea of what I'm doing.

# (this setting pulled in from a config file)
PING_LOCATION=www.yahoo.com  #(actual location should = keyserver location)
ping -c 3 $PING_LOCATION > /dev/null
if [ "$?" -ne "0" ]; then
gpg --refresh-keys -o - 2>&1 | fgrep -v -e "requesting key" \
  -e " not changed" -e "Total number processed: " -e " unchanged: " \
  -e " keys processed so far" -e " next trustdb check due at" \
  | egrep -v -e "refreshing .* keys from " \
  -e "key .* not found on keyserver" \
  -e "^gpg: depth: .*" -e " trust model$"

  -- Chris

Chris Knadle
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