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Re: Debian Installer 7.0 Beta1 release

Ben Hutchings <ben@decadent.org.uk> (05/08/2012):
> On Sat, 2012-08-04 at 23:45 +0200, Bernd Zeimetz wrote:
> > So we require 3d acceleration for a default install?
> I think what you'll see without it is a one-time warning.  I could be
> wrong since I haven't done a fresh installation yet.

That is correct: one-time warning only.

For those who care, or would want to avoid this for the first login of
their numerous users, that seems to be happening on the gnome-session
side [gnome-session/gsm-manager.c:possibly_show_fallback_dialog()], and
stored in dconf:


So the “false” value can be “preseeded” this way:
  dconf write /org/gnome/gnome-session/show-fallback-warning false


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