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AW: Low acceptance of Elektra

Augeas looks really nice but it misses some of the advantages beside easy parsing. For example restricting access to parts of a configuration to specific users or groups is only possible by splitting the configuration file. This makes the management of configuration files even harder. Another advantage is the possibility of different storage backends which enables any services to store its configuration for example in a database. I understand that the need for upstream projects to make massive changes is kind a showstopper but nevertheless the interest in Elektra seems to be low.

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On 08/02/12 14:21, Felix Berlakovich wrote:

> I recently stumbled over Elektra (http://www.libelektra.org/
<http://www.libelektra.org/> but the page seems to be unreachable at the time of this writing) and because I find the idea of a central configuration store very interesting I've done some research. Anyway I had to realize that its acceptance is generally very low although I think it could provide some huge advantages to tools like webmin.

If you want an API to access and modify configuration files have a look at <http://augeas.net/>. It basically transforms a configuration file into a tree and offers an API for traversing/modifying the tree with XPath like expressions.

The great benefit is that the augeas api is really simple, and you can basically transform most configuration files. There is also _no_ need for upstream projects to modify their configuration format, they can either just provide appropriate lenses themselves or wait for contributions.

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